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Wei, T. W., Lin, Z., Asheghi, M., & Goodson, K. E*., Micro-channel Cooling Technique to Minimize Thermal Deformation of the X-ray and High-power Laser Optics, International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (SRI) 2022.

Wei, T. W.*, Hazra, S., Asheghi, M., & Goodson, K. E. Numerical Study of Large Footprint (24 X 24mm2) Silicon-Based Embedded Microchannel-3D Manifold Coolers. Journal of Electronic Packaging 2022.

Wei, T. W.*, Oprins, H., et al., Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Correlations for Direct on-Chip Microscale jet impingement Cooling with Alternating Feeding and Draining Jets, Int. J. Heat Mass Transf, 2021, Volume 182, 121865.


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New Postdoc Position Available!

Our lab has a new postdoc position available with the topic of AI-driven design of hotspot-targeted microjet impingement systems. Please click the link below for details:   Physics-informed AI-Driven Design and Fabrication of Hotspots-Targeted Microjet Cooling for High-Performance Computation Systems

Prof. Wei delivered a 2-hour short course at NSF POETS Center

The short course was great – we had 59 ppl logged in and learning from Tiwei! POETS VIRTUAL COURSE SERIES REGISTER HERE Course Summary:  Thermal management directly impacts the cost, performance, and reliability of the electronic/electrical components and systems in wide ranging applications including computing, communications, defense systems etc.  The electrification of transportation is one of the […]